Our mission is to replenish & deeply nourish your skin, through our range of tested Superfood Skincare treatments & accessories.

Superfoods changed my life. Now I´m on a mission to help as many people as I can switch to a vegan Superfood skincare routine, one that literally feeds your skin with powerful nutrients.  

At a very young age, I found myself waking up in the mornings with low energy, stomach problems and problematic skin. I went through a period of many years trying different diets and testing different skincare products, but nothing seemed to help me. 

I began to adopt a vegan diet, and soon after I noticed how my mornings began to change. I was waking up with more energy, my stomach was not causing problems and in general I felt great. When I started to notice how my body was reacting to clean vegan eating, I decided I wanted to take a clean similar approach to tackle my skincare problems.

Superfoods played a key role in my vegan diet and I thought what if I could also feed my skin with these powerful nutrients? 

After researching, studying and creating skincare formulas based on Superfoods, my skin was glowing like it never had before and my dry, acne prone skin cleared up super fast.

This just shows that what we feed our body to make us feel good, is of equal importance to how we feed our skin to get that clear, natural looking glow!  


Superfoods are like jewels. If you have the right diet and superfood skincare routine, we promise that your skin will shine and glow, like a shining diamond.

Superfoods have an extraordinarily amount of antioxidants, vitamins and other powerful nutrients that tackle skin detoxification and nourishment.

We source and blend the most powerful Superfood ingredients with the highest nutritious value, to feed your skin with pure nourishment.

Our lab is always at the forefront of natural ingredient research and are formulas are based on advanced scientific research.


We are totally against any harmful chemicals or ingredients in the making of our products. 

Instead are skincare range ensures that our primary ingredients are natural Superfoods. Below, the most common beauty ingredients of concern and the reasons why they’re so notorious.

Dimethicone Mineral oil I Phthalate I Silicone Sulfate I Animal testing 

Dimethicone: Causes skin irritation for all skin types.
Mineral Oil: Clogs pores and full of toxins.

Phthalate: Can provoke problems with hormones.
Silicone Sulfate:  Dries skin and pore clogging.
Animal Testing: We are 100% AGAINST animal testing.