Money prizes

✅ For every 10k views you will receive $10. The maximum amount that you can receive is $1000 for 1 000 000 views.

✅ The views will be counted in the first 10 days. The amount of views you have after the 10th day, is the reward that will be paid out to you. 

✅ You can submit multiple videos.

✅ A screenshot of the video insights after the 10th day will be required.

✅ All you have to do is get your free foot mask from us, film a video with it, use our hashtags, tag @plantifique and let TikTok do its magic!

How to join and win

This challenge is exclusively for TikTok:

✅ Sign up by filling out this form.

✅ You will receive a free Foot Peel Mask.

✅ Film and post a video showing the Plantifique Foot Peel Mask for 2-3 seconds and follow these simple rules:

- Use hashtags: #plantifique #plantifiquechallenge2022 #footmask

- Tag @plantifique in the post

- Follow @plantifique on TikTok



For the video to be eligible
you need to:

Tag and follow
on TikTok

Show the product
for at least
2-3 seconds

Use the hashtags #plantifique

Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no limit. Anyone can join the challenge!
    You can post as many videos as you want and each video will be considered as a separate entry.
    No, sorry! You can only use a Plantifique Foot Mask to join the challenge.

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