Top 10 Myths about Cosmetics

What is cosmetics products all about? Beauty products are a tool of self-expression, they help us feel good about ourselves, experiment, feel beautiful, and create art by changing our appearance.



What is cosmetics products all about? Beauty products are a tool of self-expression, they help us feel good about ourselves, experiment, feel beautiful, and create art by changing our appearance.

There’s truly nothing less empowering than stubborn and annoying myths about cosmetics that just keep persisting and ruining our experience with beauty products.

It’s time to debunk 10 most popular myths about cosmetics!

1.   If you use foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF, you don’t need to use SPF underneath


First thing first – skin preparation and protection. If you skip applying SPF cream in case you’re using a foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF, you might need to rethink your routine. In fact, to sufficiently cover your face with SPF, you need quite a lot of sunscreen – around 1-1.5ml for the whole face (2 mg/cm2 of skin). Think about it: do you use that amount of foundation or tinted moisturizer? As a rule, the answer is ‘no’ because that amount of foundation would look cakey.

Another myth to bust right away: SPF doesn’t add up. If your foundation is SPF30 and sunscreen is SPF20, your overall SPF won’t equal 50. Layering products won’t add up SPF, even though you’re likely to have better coverage due to a larger amount of product.

2.   You can cure split ends without cutting them


We’ve all had them, we all hate them. Split ends are how we call fraying of hair or splitting of the tip of the hair into two or more parts. Despite how much we’d love to believe that there’s a treatment that can help cure split ends without cutting them, the reality is that there’s no such thing. Dozens of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that claim to instantly cure split ends are a mere marketing strategy that helps sell hair care products.

The best way to get rid of split ends is to cut them, and the sooner you do it, the better. For your hair to look healthy, it needs to be smooth to reflect the light and shine. Split ends usually result from dryness, meaning that hair has uneven texture, which makes it look dull.

If you don’t want to lose any length while getting rid of split ends, then make an appointment for dusting – every hair will be taken care of that way.

3.   Natural ingredients will get you results faster than synthetic products


When we put a 100% natural goodness on our skin or hair, we often expect it to work immediately and produce outstanding results. However, usually, this isn’t the case, which can be quite disappointing. Natural ingredients often have a lower percentage of active ingredients, while synthetic chemical products can contain higher percentage to give you results faster.

What you really need to opt for while using natural ingredients is better long-term effects and balanced healthy skincare and haircare. For instance, foot masks by Cosméty Paris are paraben free and cruelty-free with 100% natural extracts and vitamins, resulting in soft feet exfoliation. This means that they won’t result in harsh chemical build-up over time. At the same time, products that contain harsh chemicals will give you seemingly better results instantly — at the cost of your health in the future.

4.   Your age matters when it comes to choosing makeup and skincare


I bet you’ve heard the notion that after 40 you shouldn’t use shimmer on your face because it accentuates wrinkles and fine lines. Or another one, that wearing a smokey eye makes you look older. Or, probably, that you should pick face creams according to the age indicated on the box. One way or another, the beauty industry manipulates the concept of age to promote certain products.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone has unique needs that can be met with specific products. Every beauty products consumer should choose cosmetics depending on preferences and needs instead of suffering from fake limitations of age. In fact, these myths exist only because of our insecurities.



5.   Drugstore makeup is no match for high-end makeup

Luxury and high-end products have always been alluring. History of brands, beautiful packaging, and unique ingredients – all these things make beauty products consumers feel special.

If you aren’t willing to pay a high price for makeup, you absolutely don’t need to, because drugstore is slaying now like never before. Wet’n’Wild makes some of the creamiest and most pigmented eyeshadows, Maybelline lipsticks always have the best textures and shade range, and Catrice quality-price combo is just unbeatable!


6.   Silicones are the way to go if you want supple smooth skin and shiny healthy hair


Silicones are used to fill in pores, which is why they make skin more smooth and radiant. In haircare, silicones reduce the porosity and cover hair with a film that prevents moisture loss.

However, in the long run, silicones aren’t that great. Despite that silicone molecules are too big to absorb into the skin, they can cause breakouts and skin irritation if used regularly over a prolonged period of time. For hair, silicone coating can attract dirt and pollutants if not washed properly (dimethicone isn’t water soluble), which ultimately results in hair dullness.


Instead of silicones, try using more natural products for hair care, such as coconut oil. If Priyanka Chopra swears by it, I’m on board for sure!



7.   Contour products should be cool toned, leaning gray


Using some bronzer or contour or both can make cheekbones look on point. When we pick contour powders or creams, we usually gravitate towards something cool-toned, almost ashy gray shade. However, that type of contour shades will look dull on most skin tones, because naturally our skin has some warmth to it and such gray shadows on our face don’t occur naturally.

If you want to define cheekbones, choose a cooler brown shade of contour powder or cream – it’ll make your face much more radiant!

8.   If a product label says ‘organic,’ it means it’s safe


As cosmetics industry product consumers, we want to get the best out of what’s available. It’s hard to deny that in recent years the whole ‘organic’ trend has been thriving, especially in the beauty industry. Whether we’re talking about premium natural beauty products or luxury skincare, claims about organic ingredients definitely influence customer choice.

In fact, FDA admits that products labeled as “organic” aren’t automatically safer than products not labeled this way. The term “organic” isn’t defined by law and basically can be used freely by cosmetic companies.

Basically, as smart consumers, we shouldn’t mistake the label “organic” for quality and safety guarantee. Rather, it’s an indication of an ingredient source, not safety.


9.   Face makeup doesn’t let skin breathe


Skin doesn’t breathe. If you take care of your face, wash and moisturize daily, use sunscreen and take makeup off correctly – there’s nothing to worry about! Indeed, there can be some face makeup products that irritate skin and clog pores, meaning that it’s important to choose what works for you.

In fact, today foundations and other face products contain good ingredients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, SPF, and soil-controlling agents. So, after all, face makeup can protect your skin and help it in many ways. Except for breathing, of course.


10.   Exfoliate daily to get glowy, radiant skin


This myth about cosmetics isn’t only ridiculous, but seriously dangerous! We all want beautiful radiant complexion and we’ve been told countless times that scrubs help remove old dull skin cells and promote the growth of new, healthy cells.

Of course, you can exfoliate, but not more than twice a week if you have normal skin and once a week if you have sensitive skin. The thing is, scrubs can throw off the skin’s natural oil and moisture balance. Your brain gets alarmed about continuous damage caused by scrub and tells the skin to make more oil. In the worst case scenario, over-exfoliating can cause serious inflammation, breakouts, increase skin sensitivity, thin the skin out and make it wrinkle more easily.

So, be gentle to your skin and it will love you back!


Bottom line


Forewarned means forearmed! Tossing all these ridiculous myths will help you have a better experience with cosmetics products and get much better bang for your buck. There’s no excuse for you to have less than best things!



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