Stimulate Lash Growth with a Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

Growing your eyelashes and brows naturally is no longer impossible. And luckily you no longer have to wait months upon months to see results.

Our Natural Eyelash Growth Serum is developed with a magical formula developed in Korea. We will explain this formula and show you how you can gain noticeable lash and brow growth in just 30 days.

Choosing new cosmetics and skincare products can be overwhelming. We understand. It is normal to be cautious of harsh ingredients that can potentially do more harm than good? Also, for the price you pay, you may be wary if you will actually see results or not?

Plantifique aims to tackle each of these issues being transparent from the very beginning!


If we say natural, we mean it! Our natural eyelash growth serum is bursting with TWENTY Superfood extracts that are proven to stimulate hair lash growth. Some of these superfood extracts include blackcurrants, grapes, bitter orange, blueberries, garlic and even mushrooms!

Each of these natural superfood extracts play a specific function in triggering eyelash growth and strengthening current hair follicles. Blueberries and Blackcurrants are rich in vitamins A, C and E that aims to strengthen and rebuild weak lashes.

Garlic on the other hand promotes collagen production which is known to activate hair growth and mushroom extracts provides lash and brow nourishment with is essential in strengthening weak lashes. 

natural eyelash growth serum


 Lashes have a life cycle consisting of three phases: 

  • Growth phase (Anagen), 
  • Resting phase (Telogen).
  • Transition phase (Catagen)

The growth phase, also called Anagen, is the first stage of the lash cycle. How long anagen lasts is determined genetically, and varies from one person to another. If all your lashes were in the growth phase at the same time, then they’d all be on track to fall out at the same time. 

During the resting phase,  also known as Telogen, a new hair begins to grow from the hair follicle. As it grows upwards, the old hair will shed naturally or may be pulled out.

Once lashes in the growth phase reach their designated length, they stop growing, the hair follicle shrinks, and they move on to this transition phase (Catagen). During the transition phase, the lash follicle stops producing hair.

natural eyelash growth serum


Applying a Natural Eyelash Growth Serum, aids to strengthen lashes across the resting and catagen phases. At the same time, the lash serum promotes and triggers increased hair follicle growth during the anagen phase.

natural eyelash growth serum


Yes! Our natural eyelash growth serum is infused with a powerful mix of superfood hair growth extracts as we have mentioned and using a percentage of Castor oil. Castor oil contains both Omega-6 and Omega-9 which are essential fatty acids that strengthens and conditions eyelashes.

You can expect noticeable results in just thirty days of using the natural eyelash growth serum. However, the lash serum must be used religiously both morning and evening. A good practice is to leave the lash serum beside your toothbrush, this way you shouldn't´t forget to use it twice daily!

Some customers have even reported an astonishingly increase in lash and brow growth of up to 40% after 30 days. You can see all of our customer reviews here.

We aim to show you the results for yourself! That is why included in your purchase you will receive a unique lash measurer. Measure your lashes and take as selfie before and re-measure after four weeks to see the difference. 

Leave us a comment if you are thinking of trying a natural eyelash growth serum or share your feedback with us if you have already tried our lash serum :-)

Natural eyelash growth serum







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