7 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Products Aren’t Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than a skin care item doesn’t work or stops working seemingly for no reason. In fact, it is rather common and happens to the best of us.

The question is: Why doesn’t it work and how to fix it?


On the one hand, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and requires a unique approach when it comes to skin care. Sometimes this means that the same ingredient won’t work wonders for everyone and, sadly, this is just a fact we need to accept.

On the other hand, the most common reasons why skin care products don’t work are absolutely fixable once you figure them out!


Let’s consider 7 most common reasons why your skin care product isn’t working and how to fix it!

1.Change of seasons

Did you know that skin is our largest organ? It is exposed to the external environment, which is why the change of seasons can be the reason why your skin care products aren’t working.

Your skin has to deal with a lot of things to maintain balance, such as humidity and temperature that differ outside, at home, in the gym, and at work. During cooler months, cold wind and frost contribute to dehydrating and irritating the skin. As a result of all these environmental changes, skin experiences imbalance and can become too dry or too oily.  


How to fix it: listen to your skin. If it gets dry and sensitive during colder months, switch lightweight moisturizer for a richer face cream. If you feel like your current face cream breaks you out during hot summer months, try swapping it for a cream with a lighter formula that won’t clog the pores. The perfect solution for this issue is developing a routine for every season!


2. Cleansing and Exfoliation

To paint a masterpiece, you need a clean canvas. To make sure that your skin care products work, you need clean and exfoliated skin. If your skin isn’t clean, it’s absolutely pointless to put anything on top. Dead skin cells and dirt create a barrier on the skin that doesn’t let skin care products to absorb into the skin.  


How to fix it: there’s much more to proper skin cleansing than apply-foam-rinse.To cleanse the skin properly, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser – you won’t need harsh drying cleansers if you wash your skin on a regular basis. Too hot water is a no-no for skin because it causes dryness, so make sure to use lukewarm water.

Foot care is a great example of how exfoliation can make or break skin care regimen. If there’s dryness on your feet or calluses, even the best foot cream won’t be able to penetrate the skin. To have baby soft feet, make sure to use a gentle exfoliant or foot mask with natural ingredients, such as paraben free and cruelty-free foot mask with 100% natural extracts and vitamins from Cosméty Paris. Using such foot mask twice a month will help you forget about feet dryness and make your skin care creams really work!


3. Incorrect application of products

We’re all used to simply rubbing in products into the skin. This might work with the good old Nivea cream. However, today skin care industry offers a vast variety of products that require special application techniques for best performance.

For instance, we’re used to that in the Western skincare routine we apply toner on a cotton round and swipe it on the skin. This product is supposed to cleanse and refresh the skin. On the contrary, in the Korean skincare routine, a toner is a product you apply directly on the skin and pat it until it’s completely absorbed. Korean toners work to help other products penetrate the skin more effectively.

How to fix it: check the ‘how to use’ instructions on the packaging of your skin care items that don’t seem to work as you expect them to – you might be applying them wrong.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • When you apply the product
  • How much of the product you apply
  • Method of application

That being said, try to choose skin care items that fit into your daily routine. If a product requires several minutes for application and you can’t spare them while getting ready in the morning, swap it for a less high-maintenance item that will work for you!

4. Harsh ingredients

This is the case when you’d say that, “there’s a fly in the ointment.” Some skin care products contain great active ingredients, but their effect can be counteracted by harsh synthetic ingredients. As a result, harsh ingredients can irritate your skin and your body focuses on fighting off the irritant rather than responding to the good ingredients.

For instance, one of the most common harsh ingredients is fragrance (or parfum, as it is often listed in the ingredients). Fragrance often causes skin irritation and allergies. Is there a real reason for a fragrance, especially artificial, to be in skin care products? Not really.


Another common reason why your skincare doesn’t deliver the results you expect is that you might be using too many products with harsh ingredients at the same time. For instance, applying a lotion with natural acids regularly will help gently exfoliate your skin. However, if you combine it with physical exfoliants (those with exfoliating beads and particles) as well as drying acne fighting cream with salicylic acid, you’ll end up throwing your skin off balance for a while.


How to fix it: if possible, go for skin care products with more natural ingredients. Natural ingredients have a milder effect on the skin and are less foreign to our body than synthetic chemicals. Be gentle with your skin and don’t overdo it with products that contain harsh ingredients.

5. Changing needs of your skin

If you have the most perfect skincare routine now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to change it in a year or two. Skin changes are just something we have to deal with and embrace!

Your skin type isn’t a constant, but rather a variable. Hormonal changes, diet and lifestyle changes, and aging, all contribute to how our skin feels. This is why products that worked wonders before, might turn out to be useless or even harm your skin now.


When you change your lifestyle or diet, you might also feel like your skin doesn’t respond to skin care as well as before.


How to fix it: ensure to pay attention to your skin type and such features as the level of dryness, oiliness, and moisture. If you notice that your skin type has changed, it might be the right time to change your skincare routine.

When it comes to diet and lifestyle, it all comes down to the obvious “eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well” mantra. Think about your diet: such foods as sugar and dairy can be inflammatory and cause skin irritation and breakouts.

6. Skincare product combination or application order is wrong

Let’s talk about teamwork! Many skin care products are developed to work in combination with other products, which is why it’s important to have the right

  • Product combination
  • Product application order


How to fix it: even if you have the simplest skin care routine that includes few items, it’s important to know if they work well together and in what order to apply them.


Some ingredients just don’t work with others. For instance, combining products with benzoyl peroxide and retinoids can irritate the skin, while using retinol with vitamin C reduces the effectiveness of both ingredients. When adding a new product to your skin care routine, always look out for redness and irritation – this might be a sign of bad skin care ingredient combo.


As for application order, the general rule of thumb is to use skin care items from thinnest to thickest. This improves absorption of skin care products and their performance.

7. Inconsistent application

To say that we live in a hectic world is an understatement. Don’t we all wish there would be at least 36 hours in a day? Oftentimes, we simply forget about skin care routine or feel too tired to do it regularly, which ultimately results in zero effect. For skin care products to work, it’s important to ensure regular application.


How to fix it: develop a skin care regimen that will fit perfectly in your daily routine and be patient. Consistency is key to successful skin care routine because it helps truly impact the skin. If you expect to have bomb results within one or two weeks, you’ll be disappointed in most skin care products, because they need more time to make a difference.

Patience and consistency always pay off, so sticking to a regular skin care routine is a must.      



The bottom line

Whether we want to or not, the trial and error is the method of choosing skin care products we all end up having. Some products work better and faster than others, while some products instantly feel like duds. If you know the possible reasons why your skin care products aren’t working, you also know how to fix them.


There’s one last thing left to say: whatever the reason for your skin care not to work, you absolutely can get the gorgeous skin you want to! Become your skin’s best friend and it’ll pay off!  



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